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About Us

Healing Hands was founded in 2018 to better serve Anderson and its surrounding communities. Expanding to serve the entire state of Indiana, Healing Hands currently operates out of Indianapolis.  

Healing Hands consists of Healing Hands Home Health and Healing Hands Personal Services.  These two companies seamlessly provide home health care to adults and pediatrics under Medicaid and Medicaid Waivers.  We are always looking for new ways to serve the home health community and will be accepting Medicare patients soon.

Healing Hands Personal Services accepted its first Structured Family Caregiving client in 2020 under Healing Hands Structured Family Caregiving.  We are now able to provide these services throughout most of Indiana to individuals who have the Age and Disability Waiver.  


In 2022, Healing Hands Personal Services began admitting minors with disabilities who are recipients of the Age and Disability Waiver or Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver.  We proudly call these clients our Medically Complex Warriors. Due to the nursing shortage, parents and guardians are hirable to provide non-skilled services such as attendant care and home and community assistance to their minor child. 


Healing Hands Personal Services and Healing Hands Home Health are all-inclusive businesses that service all family dynamics. ​​​

Tim Paul, Owner

Healing Hands is independently owned by Tim Paul with offices in Anderson and Indianapolis Indiana. Our agency is operated and managed by TPS Medical Holdings, LLC, which is also owned by Tim.

Tim is the proud father of four children, the youngest being twin boys! A resident of Fishers, Indiana, Tim loves being able to support families all across Indiana in need of home care.

Tim Paul
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