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HCBS Direct Service Workforce
Investment Grant

The purpose of the grant is to help HCBS providers invest in their direct service workforce through financial compensation, retention, and wraparound benefits. The majority of funding will be required to go directly to the direct service workers to recognize the extraordinary impact of their work.

Once our agency is aware of the dollar amount it will be receiving in grant funding, we will be able to put specific dollar amounts to these items.  Our plans to support our direct service workers include the following:

Grant Funding Investment Plan

95% of funding

  • Reinvesting back into our direct service workings/caregivers is our top priority. 

  • One of our first priorities will be signing our caregivers up for an annual AAA membership to help with vehicle emergencies they may experience (about $60 per EE).

  • If timing permits, we would like to purchase group term life insurance for all caregivers.

  • For 2023, we will be absorbing any insurance cost increases for those caregivers who have enrolled into health insurance.

  • Our biggest plan is to distribute bonuses throughout the grant funding distribution timeline. These bonuses will be distributed in phases to our caregivers and will be based on their longevity with the agency.

  • Additional support to our caregivers with the grant funding will include:

    • ​Increased referral bonuses of $500 per referred DSP/caregiver (with minimum requirements)

    • Recruiting/sign on bonuses of $250 (with minimum requirements) to new DSP/caregivers

    • Caregiver mileage reimbursement

5% of funding

  • We plan to use some remaining funds for discretionary items to help with improvement between administrative staff and direct support staff and may include:

    • Technology upgrades

    • Hiring of additional support staff

    • Agency vehicle maintenance

    • Employee appreciation gatherings

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